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These Terms were most recently updated on 4th April 2023:

  1. Should an event need to be cancelled for any reason whatsoever (including severe weather conditions, venue related issues etc) please note that refunds are unavailable to exhibitors
  2. Bookings are on a first come first served basis and payment is required in full upfront to secure an exhibitor space. We do not take deposits or hold exhibitor spaces.
  3. Each booking for a space is for one table only. The price per table is £50. If you wish to have two tables, you will need to add two tables to your basket and pay £50 per table. All our events are indoor events. Duxford Community Centre, Cambridgeshire:
    Capacity 40 exhibitors – exhibitors bring their own table approximately 6ft x 2ft Meppershall Village Hall, Bedfordshire:Capacity 20 exhibitors – exhibitors bring their own table approximately 6ft x 2ft 
  4. We are supportive of all types of small businesses, so if you specialise in something different from that listed above, please email us to enquire before booking an exhibitor space.
  5. When booking your exhibitor space, please select the category most relevant to your business. If however your business type is not listed or your sell multiple different items, please book under “Miscellaneous“. If in any doubt please email
  6. Payment Methods: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, ClearPay and Klarna (ClearPay and Klarna both offering interest free terms to spread the cost).
  7. Each event will have a range of exhibitors including, but not limited to, handmade crafts, psychic mediums, tarot readers, crystals, artists, therapists, candles, wax melts, jewellery, reflexology/reiki, skin/body care products, metaphysical products, gifts and more.
  8. If a date is sold out please register your interest and we will contact you if there are any last minute cancellations. Visit the link “Exhibitor Waiting List” to register.
  9. Our events are advertised across local media outlets, event websites, Facebook, Instagram, in magazines & newspapers. As an Exhibitor, we would appreciate it if you can like and share our own events poster on your social media. By working together, we will be able to promote the events as widely as possible in order to maximise coverage.
  10. Our events are currently offered with FREE entry to members of the public. As such, numbers are not counted. We therefore make no guarantees to exhibitors regarding numbers that will attend on any event date. However, with each event that is hosted the event numbers are growing
  11. Exhibitor spaces are sold in various categories to ensure a varied showcase at our events. When booking, please choose the category that best describes your main product and/or service type. There will be other exhibitors selling similar items or services to you but we understand everyone’s products are unique and individual. We are supportive and inclusive of all other small businesses and we aim to give everyone equal opportunity to participate where possible. No exhibitor will be given exclusivity at our events (not even ourselves)
  12. On each event date, we will meet you on arrival and show you where you need to set up your stall space. Your table must be within your own assigned space with suitable space between neighbouring exhibitors.
  13. No exhibitor is able to pick their space on the day upon arrival at the event. We pre-plan exhibitor spaces well in advance of our event dates.
  14. If you are at an event where we are supplying tables, sizes cannot be guaranteed but as a general rule, these will be approx 6ft x 2ft.
  15. Set-up and breakdown of tables and therapy beds must only take place during the allocated times given in the “Event Information” page link.
  16. Exhibitors are not permitted to set up or dismantle their tables or move merchandise/equipment out of the hall while the event is open to the public.
  17. Exhibitors must use tables that are damage free (with feet protection to protect floors where possible). Any damage to any part of the building caused by an exhibitor, renders the exhibitor liable for all costs involved for repairs.
  18. We ask that you do not bring any additional tables/display stands etc unless we have specifically agreed this in writing with you before the event. If you do require any additional displays etc please email us photos of your set up for consideration. We retain the right to refuse the use of additional displays etc on the day if they have not been agreed and also if they encroach onto another exhibitors’ space. We need to ensure there is sufficient space between you and the neighbouring stall.
  19. The use of business roller banners is allowed provided these are secure and behind your own stall area.
  20. There is no assurance of Wifi at any of our venues. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure you are able to use your card readers on the day. If Wifi is available we will provide you with the details before the event date. Should wifi not work at any venue, for any reason, we cannot be held responsible as it remains the duty of the venue to resolve the issue.
  21. Toilet facilities are available. Please ensure these are left clean and tidy after use.
  22. Pins are not to be used on the walls or furniture in all venues.
  23. The use of incense and lighting of candles is not permitted at any venue.
  24. Electrical points will not be automatically available for exhibitors to use as they are limited throughout most venues. However, if you do require an electrical point, please email us before the event to check whether this is possible. If you are bringing electrical items, please ensure that these are P.A.T tested and safe to use. Should any issues arise by an exhibitor using their own electrical equipment, the exhibitor is solely responsible for any associated costs involved.
  25. Up to 2 chairs per stall is available for you to use on the day with a maximum of 2 representatives per stall.
  26. Should you wish to alter the type of goods/services you offer between the time of booking and the event itself, you must notify the us in writing by email. We reserve the right to refuse additional products if we already have a sufficient amount already being offered by other exhibitors.
  27. Should you offer additional products or services to those already agreed in writing with you at the time of booking, we reserve the right to ask you to remove these products from your stall.
  28. Stalls must not be sub-let or transferred to another small business. The only exhibitor allowed to exhibit at the event is the one who is registered on the original booking receipt. It another exhibitor tries to exhibit on the day, they will be refused admission.
  29. We reserve the right to decline an exhibitor booking and issue a refund if, in our opinion, the products/services are deemed unsuitable for our events. We also reserve the right to issue an exhibitor a refund if they book under the incorrect category and we already have a sufficient amount of other exhibitors.
  30. The canvassing of members of the public is not permitted beyond the perimeter of each exhibitors’ space, such as in the aisles, corridors or entrance hallway. Our priority it to make our events as comfortable and enjoyable for visitors as possible. Therefore we strongly discourage any exhibitor from trying to encourage or persuade members of the public to join organisations/groups/religions, or follow gurus/spiritual teachers etc.
  31. Exhibitors must not block the front of a neighbouring stand or emergency fire exits with their displays nor arrange their stand in such manner as to cause the public to block the aisle in front of it, or any adjacent stand. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the duty fire officer is final.
  32. Any exhibitors selling food items must be in possession of current food hygiene certification. You must be able to provide a copy upon request. Additionally, no exhibitor can offer FREE food products as we do not know visitors individual dietary requirements.
  33. If you happen to accidentally spill anything, please kindly wipe this up or make us aware immediately due to health and safety concerns.
  34. We strongly advise taking out Business Insurance/Public Liability Insurance (retailers) or Indemnity Insurance (healers, readers, therapists) to cover you in the event of the public making a claim against you or accidental damage to your stock on the day etc. This is not mandatory but is strongly advised to protect you from potentially devastating financial loss in the event of a claim against you. Where legally necessary, you must hold third-party indemnity and/or liability insurance for your relevant discipline (therapist or reader) and be prepared to submit your policy schedule if requested.
  35. We nor the venue will accept any liability for any loss/damage to exhibitors’ property sustained from any cause whatsoever. This includes exhibitors vehicles. However, it is essential for exhibitors to report immediately to us any loss/damage sustained so that we are aware. We accept no responsibility for exhibitors’ goods left at a venue once the event has finished.
  36. No psychic readings, holistic healing or therapy is to be provided for any persons under the age of 18 years of age. If you are in doubt, please ask for proof of age.
  37. We require Psychic Mediums, Tarot Readers, Therapists and Healers to display their prices on their table.
  38. Any images of participants taken by us or the exhibitors remain our property, and we reserve the right to use any such images as we wish.
  39. Exhibitors must not bring explosives, dangerous or harmful substances into the event.
  40. Animals are not permitted at events except for guide dogs/assistance dogs.
  41. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any member of the public or any exhibitor. We also reserve the right to cancel a booking from a exhibitor, without refund, at our sole discretion.
  42. Please keep noise levels to a minimum when entering and leaving the venue.
  43. If you have heavy items, please bring a compact wheeled trolley with you to help you transport your goods.
  44. The use of gongs, drums, rattles, musical instruments, voice amplifiers, microphones, speakers or playing your own music is not permitted during our events by exhibitors. Please also note that no singing or chanting is permitted. Thank you for your understanding.
  45. If you have any waste materials, please take these with you when you leaving the venue. Any costs incurred by the venue in disposing of such materials will be passed on to the exhibitor responsible.
  46. Exhibitors are required to carry out their work ethically and honestly.
  47. Exhibitors are required to detail any services and associated costs in writing on their tables. Exhibitors are also required to make their clients aware of any possible adverse effects of what they are selling.
  48. Exhibitors are required to provide the relevant disclaimers to the public so they know what to expect. Exhibitors should also be qualified in their relevant discipline, as required by UK Law.
  49. Exhibitors must not, in any way, mislead the public into believing that they can cure them. There are official holistic guidelines outlining this legal requirement.
  50. We do not offer refunds for bookings you are unable to attend for any reason. Once the exhibitor space has been booked the cost is non-refundable. We are also unable to transfer your exhibitor space to an alternative date.
  51. Once we have received notification of your exhibitor space cancellation in writing (by any means i.e email, Instagram or Facebook message), this becomes irreversible after 24hrs as we will offer the space to the next exhibitor on the waiting list.
  52. We reserve the right at any time to change the date/venue or to cancel the event altogether if we deem it necessary by reason of fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, acts of war (whether declared or not) or violence, malicious damage, explosion, earthquake, strike, civil disturbances, political unrest, riot, labour dispute, power cuts, pandemic, epidemic, staff illness, government directive, recommendation or legislation or any other cause beyond our control; or if we for any other reason we deem it necessary or advisable. For instance, should the venue become unavailable for any reason. In such cases, exhibitors waive any and all claims they might have against us for refunds, damages or expenses.
  53. When making payment, you are required to add a note of your business name and the type of products/services you offer. Please also include your social media account names for both Facebook and Instagram (if you have these).
  54. We will send you an email reminder for your exhibitor booking(s) approximately 1 month before each event date. The email will contain important information such as the venue address, wifi details (if applicable) and anything else we feel is relevant. Please keep this email safe for you to refer to refer to if you need to.
  55. If you are a therapist, psychic medium, tarot reader etc and are offering your own services on the day, please note that we do not arrange or advertise (on your behalf) any pre-bookable appointments with members of the public before the event date. It remains your responsibility to arrange your own pre-bookable appointments OR offer appointments to members of the public on the day. 


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